New FireguardTM Advantages

  • UL 2085 listing for an "Insulated Secondary Containment Aboveground Tank for Flammable and Combustible Liquids"
  • Inner and outer tank are UL 142 listed
  • Rectangular and Cylindrical designs available
  • Double wall design offers true secondary containment without the cost and/or weight of concrete dikes or vaults
  • Lightweight insulation material for interstice weights 50% less than concrete
  • No spalling, weathering or maintenance problems as experienced with designs using concrete
  • Includes normal and emergency venting on both inner and outer tank
  • 30 Year Warranty

Double Wall Steel AST's Advantages

Only lightweight insulated double wall aboveground steel storage tanks which bear FireguardTM labels are part of the Steel Tank Institute's proven quality assurance program,

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