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Oil/Water Separators

How it works:

  1. Install unit as per Sti-P3®, ACT-100® or Permatank installation instructions.
  2. We-Mac Manufacturing, Inc. recommends installing a grit chamber to trap any trash or solids before entry into the separator.
  3. Fill separator completely with clean water.
  4. When oil/water mixture enters unit, it will be forced through a patented corrugated pipe which coalesces the free oil. The oil that is dense enough will float to the surface.
  5. Oil/water mixture is then sent through the patented coalescer packs.
  6. Sludge is trapped so it will not continue downstream.
  7. Water is discharged to approved areas.
  8. To increase oil removal efficiency, (10 PPM oil/grease) a polypropylene fiber polisher pack is used to intercept droplets of oil too small to be removed by coalescer packs.
  9. The waste oil should be removed when oil storage reaches 40-50% of total separator capacity.
Oil/water separator tank
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